Panty Liners and Uses

At the tender age of 11, a female child, depending on her nature, will most likely experience vaginal discharge. Physicians assert that the vagina serves as a passage between the inner reproductive organs and the outside body. Thus, as the mouth is constantly moistened by saliva, vagina discharges are absolutely normal, as they are as a result of hormonal changes in a female body. Experts say that the discharges help keep the pH level balance of the vagina intact which ultimately prevents infections from occurring. So a healthy vagina is the one that secretes fluids to cleanse and regulate itself, basically the discharge is a natural lubricant. However, when not properly managed, it becomes harmful best period panties.

So how can vaginal discharges be managed?

Panty liners are the perfect options for managing discharges. As the name implies, it lines the pant to prevent the vaginal discharge from staining the pants and eventually causing irritation. Gynaecologist, Dr. Angela Abiodun says normal vaginal discharges vary in consistency as they might be thin and slightly sticky. They can also vary in color: some can be clear, cloudy, bloody, whitish or yellowish. A panty liner comes in handy as instead of discharging straight to the pants, it goes to the liner which serves as a form of absorbent protection. Aside from being a form of protection for the pants, panty liners can arguably be said to be more hygienic and comforting.

What other ways can we use the panty liner?

Ideally a panty liner is the same thing with a sanitary pad, but much thinner and lighter as it is not for menstruation. However, it can also be used as a precursor for irregular periods (just in case), most ideally when period is almost over.

Panty liners can be used as a leak guard when using tampons for heavy menstruation, as leaks can be very embarrassing; they really rock at providing extra protection.

Panty liners can be worn during gym and work out sessions as it is normal to sweat while engaged in them, these sweats can be harmful to the vagina and over time can cause bad odour. The panty liner can come in handy in such situations.

Panty liners can also be used to lessen the effect of wearing jeans, leggings, and even G-strings; they are best used to cushion the female’s delicate body parts and make it more comfortable to wear all sorts of clothing.

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