History, Borders, and Adventure in Replogle Globes

Luther Replogle started an industry that brought our vast world closer to everyone. His story is about a product that came to the public in a time-honored way-pursuing the American dream. Replogle globes are synonymous with quality design, innovative style, and precision production. They are also a tool to help us understand the world where we live Magnetic Globe, Levitation Floating Rotating Wireless Transmission B01LP680TA.

In the 1920s, Luther Replogle lived in Chicago and sold school supplies for a living. The globes he brought to classrooms captured his imagination. Mr. Replogle believed that every home should have a globe as a learning tool for the family and as a way to better understand the news of the day. At the beginning of the Great Depression, Mr. Replogle left his job selling school supplies and starting manufacturing globes by hand. His motto was, “A globe in every home.”

Business was slow for Replogle Globes for the first few years, but a big event in 1933–the Chicago World’s Fair–changed Mr. Replogle’s fortunes. In the two years that the World’s Fair ran, over 100,000 globes designed by Mr. Replogle were sold at the Chicago retail institution Marshall Fields. The idea of a globe in every home was reinforced when World War II broke out, when FDR instructed listeners in his fireside chats, “Now, get out your globe.” With such a tool in their homes, Americans could better understand the issues facing the world.

Over the decades manufacturing operations at Replogle Globe grew, and production quality remains strong. The company that began with one man’s passion for a product continues to bring the world to children playing with the whole world in their hands, and to statesmen who make decisions that can change the face of that world.

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