Freckles Or Brown Spots?

Freckles are brown spots on face particularly on nostril and cheeks which widespread in people with truthful complexion. They is likely to be as small as a pinhead or barely larger. They are often spherical or flat. Melanocytes are cells situated within the lowest layer of our pores and skin referred to as dermis. Melanocytes produce pigment referred to as melanin, which is secreted when pores and skin will get uncovered to solar to guard the pores and skin from extremely violet rays.

Uneven distribution of melanin causes its extreme secretion in some patches leading to formation of brown spots referred to as freckles. They may get lowered when uncovered to chilly climate however improve when pores and skin will get uncovered to excessive temperature เลเซอร์กระ. In consequence in some instances freckles could fade away utterly in winters and step by step return in summers. Freckles additionally fade away with age. Tanning causes speedy improve in manufacturing of melanin thus inflicting elevated variety of freckles round cheeks and on nostril.

No, freckles are NOT cancerous. They’re only a type of pigmentation resulting from over manufacturing of melanin within the pores and skin. A lot of the occasions it’s tough to differentiate between freckles and brown spots. Go to a dermatologist earlier than getting into for any type of therapy to know whether or not the appeared pigmentation is freckles or brown spots. Brown spots could be pre cancerous or cancerous.
Remedies instructed for freckles

Laser Therapy-Laser therapy could be opted for because the freckles melanin pigment absorbs the rays of laser light simply thus fading away slowly.

Solar Display screen – As publicity to the solar is the prime motive behind the incidence of freckles, it will get obligatory to put on a powerful sunscreen lotion to keep away from the extremely violet rays from penetrating into the epidermal layer of the pores and skin.

Cryosurgery: Although this technique will not be fairly often used for elimination of freckles however in some instances people have been seen choosing this surgical procedure. Liquid nitrogen is utilized on the affected areas with a pray gun or a cotton tip. However typically it causes look of everlasting white spots resulting from lengthy and direct contact with nitrogen.

Bleaching lotions: Bleaching lotions can be utilized to attenuate freckles on the pores and skin. Downside associated with the usage of bleaching lotions is that it bleaches your entire pores and skin thus leading to identical color distinction between the pigmented pores and skin and regular pores and skin. Retin-A is advisable to attenuate the incidence of freckles, because it tends to normalize the pigmentation.

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