Avoiding Speaking About Trauma and PTSD

Every time we have suffered an enormous traumatic occasion, we are going to keep away from speaking about what occurred. To revisit the occasion is to summon up all these tsunami-like emotions that may overwhelm us. And who desires that?

However in extremely traumatized folks, this avoidance of ideas and emotions stops them from looking for remedy and getting the assistance they want. They can not speak about what occurred to them with family members and pals, who may provide them the therapeutic help they so desperately want. And the worry of being compelled to face their traumas with a therapist stacks on much more layers of worry. Making an attempt to maintain the pain of the trauma away ends in the rejection of the assistance wanted to heal it and retains the pain of the trauma in place.


This incapability to speak about traumatic ideas and emotions additionally pertains to an impact referred to as “kindling.” A traumatic occasion triggers ideas, sensations, and emotional reactions in response to the occasion. Kindling happens when these major responses slowly start to attract associated feelings and ideas right into a vortex-like construction of trauma. Because the vortex grows, it begins sucking in unrelated feelings and ideas. Quickly, not solely is the traumatic occasion one thing that may’t be talked about but additionally different large areas of life that don’t have anything to do with the trauma. This rising avoidance isolates the sufferer socially as they’ve much less and fewer they will speak about.

Having performed Household and Methods Constellations for a few years, I’ve come throughout many individuals who had no relationships with these fathers who had gone to warfare. The trauma of fight had prevented these males from speaking about what had occurred. Ultimately, their silence grew to the purpose the place they could not speak about any emotions in any respect and withdrew emotionally from their households. The unique trauma had kindled right into a raging complicated that devoured many different emotions and feelings. They have been described as unemotional, unavailable, withdrawn, or “not there.”

One other approach this avoidance sample manifests is within the therapy that’s looked for the trauma. As a substitute of looking for good trauma remedy, many with deep trauma wounds will search religious or various strategies of therapeutic the place they do not have to handle their traumas straight. Slightly than speak about their points, they like to let somebody movement vitality to them or “convey down the light that can dissolve all traumas from this and all previous lives,” and on and on. These might provide short-term relief however nothing long-term what is family therapy.

In the event you have been unlucky sufficient to expertise a big trauma, ask your self:

  1. To what extent do I keep away from speaking about what occurred to me?
  2. Do I hardly ever discuss to folks about my life in any respect?
  3. Do I keep away from conversations about related occasions which will have occurred to different folks?
  4. Does the considered telling my story to a therapist fill me with dread?
  5. Do I believe that individuals simply will not perceive, so why speak about it?

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